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Legend - Hand of God

Screenshot of Hand of Mat 0.1
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Hand of Mat - A Hero Editor

Frustated of having to pay Lvl*1000 Gold at the alchemist just for removing that one skill point you mistakenly allocated?

Ever wondered, whether it was worth to wait for the Villain's "Hurry" skill at Level 30?

You've finally reached Area Damage in the Path of Magic and realized it isn't that great?

You're thinking about starting yet again with a new class-build but don't want to trudge through the first few areas *again* - so you want to simply change the chosen Pathes of your current hero?

If you can answer at least one of these questions with YES, than this page is just for you. Here you find the

Hand of Mat

a Hero (or Savegame) Editor for Master Creating's Action-RPG title "Legend - Hand of God". Quit the game, load your savegames into this fine editor and edit it to your heart's content. Start the game and enjoy!!


Missing Features

At the moment, Hand of Mat is not able to do the following things:

Get Hand of Mat

Use the link on the right to download the current version of Hand of Mat. After downloading, simply unpack the zip archive and double-click the file HoM.exe. No special installation is needed.

Should you ever want to remove the Hand of Mat from your computer, just delete HoM.exe and you are done. Don't worry, the program will not leave any traces in the registry or other popular Windows folders, such as My Documents.

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